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We recommend the action of Gaja Club: COLLECT WASTE PAPER, SAVE HORSES

Gaja Club would like to cordially invite schools, companies, organizations, institutions and individuals to participate in the action "Collect waste paper, save horses" under the program of environmental education  - Tree Day.


The campaign “Collect waste paper, save the horses” is an attempt to change human attitudes to the world around them, especially to shrinking natural resources of our planet as well as stimulate sensitivity to the fate of animals and the natural desire to help those in need.

Thanks to the campaign “Collect waste paper, save horses” in 2014 we were able to save another 4 horses to be slaughtered, sick horses or those of whom their owners could no longer take care: Antałka, Gasa, Parkura and Dancer Wilda. Additionally, we helped to maintain and treat 20 horses of Gaja Club being in adoption. In the years 2003 - 2014 we saved a total of 58 horses and collected more than 3, 000 tons of waste paper! With a wide social participation, we planted more than 730,000 trees and the program was attended by nearly 550,000 people!

Uczniowie SP nr 8 z Dębicy odbierają Statuetkę Pegaza

The money raised from the campaign “Collect waste paper, save the horses” Gaja Club allocated to intervention, treatment, help and rescue of horses. The rescued animals go, among others, to organizations involved in hippo therapy or to small farms, where they are given good conditions, are well cared for and feel needed.


Every year, Gaja Club in the competition “Collect waste paper, save the horses” selects Pegasus Award winners for their achievements. The entities most involved in the campaign receive the statue of Pegasus - the first horse saved by Gaja Club from transport to the slaughter house. All participants in the competition receive diplomas. In the 11th edition of the Tree Day Festival – the award for special achievements – The Happy Steed – went to TNT Express Worldwide Poland which for many years has been delivering waste paper to rescue horses.


We invite you to participate in the competition "Collect waste paper, save horses". For more information visit the website at the address: in the Competitions tab. Gaja Club is waiting for the reports of the activities on the application form, which should be sent to the e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or to the postal address: Klub Gaja, ul. Parkowa 10, 43-365 Wilkowice (preferably recorded on a CD) .


The deadline for sending reports expires on 30 June 2015.




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