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Lecture in Biała Podlaska

On 30 March the lecture was given in Biała Podlaska entitled "Biodiversity as the biological diversity of the world around us."

The meeting was attended by only 22 students because there was flue epidemics in Biala Podlaska. In the introductory part the students listened to the song by Jonasz Kofta "Remember the gardens". During the meeting, Ms Joanna Sołodzińska discussed in detail the definition of biodiversity, drew attention to the multilevel aspect of this concept and presented the importance of biodiversity for the existence of trophic relationships regulating the populations living in the ecosystem. She also discussed the forms of nature conservation in Poland and provided specific examples of ZOO in Zamość regarding the smuggled animals. She pointed out the importance of daily human activities for the existence of biodiversity and pointed to the specific "services" provided by the nature to a man.

The students were particularly interested in biodiversity in the man’s closest environment and its importance.

At the end, there was a brief discussion on the possibilities of protecting biodiversity by the average man in the street. We pointed out specific actions like planting trees, growing gardens and others as well as  stressed the importance of cultivating the attitude of respect for the nature in our society.



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