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22 May: International Day of Biological Diversity

This year's slogan "Biodiversity for Sustainable Development" emphasizes the importance of protecting the richness of biodiversity in the world to achieve the objectives of the development agenda after 2015, on which the sustainable development objectives occupy a priority place.

This year's theme of the Day is also a direct reference to the findings of Gangwon Declaration, adopted by the High Level Panel participants at the 12th meeting of the Conference of the States, the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity. The Declaration expressed the hope that the issue of protection of biodiversity will be put on a prominent place on the Development Agenda after 2015.

20-22 May 2015 at UNESCO headquarters in Paris, attended by 1,300 people there will be the summit meeting "Business and Climate", dedicated to the mutual influence of these two areas as well as to developing proposals of business solutions for countering the climate change. The summit will be preceded  by the 21st Climate Summit, planned for December 2015 in Paris, at which the representatives of governments will also be presented with the proposals of business solutions for climate, developed during the May summit "Business and Climate".

On the occasion of the Day of Biological Diversity in all regions of the world all sorts of events are organised, emphasizing the importance of proper conservation of biodiversity. Anyone planning to organize such event can present it, sending to the address of adressecretariat(at) the necessary information in accordance with the requirements specified on the Day’s website.

UNESCO is committed to protecting biodiversity, among other, supports Intergovernmental Science Policy Platform for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Protection as well as fulfils the goals outlined in 2011 Aichi Targets, relating to the protection of the diversity and the strategic action plan adopted at that time.

International Day of Biological Diversity (22 May) is purposefully celebrated very close to the World Day of Cultural Diversity (21 May). The sustainable development requires a combination of efforts to protect both of these areas. The invaluable traditional knowledge resources are necessary for the local community to protect its cultural distinctiveness as well as organize social life, which determines the appropriate approach to natural resource management, land cultivation and the protection of ecosystems. Biodiversity is often equated to linguistic diversity: in both fields the losses result in the distortion of foundations for the existence of local cultures, irreversibly changing the direction of their development and often undermining the feeling and the sense of belonging to a particular place on the Earth.


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