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Inspiration: Orchid seminar in Lańcut

On Friday, the 29th May the seminar was held at the University of the Third Age in Łańcut dedicated to the tradition of growing orchids in Łańcut.

The place of seminar – The Orchid Garden in Łańcut. The Orchid Garden is one of the few places where you can see a very rare specimen of these plants. It is located at the back of the Castle - Museum in Łańcut and it is neither the biggest nor the oldest collection in Poland, yet it enjoys great popularity. The largest collection of orchids in Poland is in Jagiellonian University Botanical Garden - 500 species. The Orchid Garden in Łańcut opened in 2008. In the exhibition part, the orchids that are in the flowering period are presented. There are ground flowers, rock orchids and arboreal on the exhibition. A very impressive exhibition of epiphytic orchids (arboreal) was placed among the branches of the trees.

In other place the flowerbeds were planted with the so-called botanical orchids – characteristic for the natural environment. Some of them are so inconspicuous that they must be seen with the magnifying glass. In the southern part of the exhibition there are flowers originating from the pre-war Potocki collection. The contemporary crosses of orchids, characterized by magnificent flowers that are especially liked by women are also exposed. The orchids are extremely delicate plants, some species exhibit specific climatic requirements.


Below there are some photos taken by Ms Elżbieta Nowicka.

Information about the seminar is posted on Facebook at:


Many thanks to the EcoAnimator, Ms Janina Haładyj-Rożak for her account of the event.




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