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Inspiration: Semester full of biodiversity conducted in Żywiec

The report on regular meetings with the pupils of the Primary School No.3 in Żywiec, with the pre-school group from Kindergarten No.8 in Żywiec and with children from classes I-VI from the day room at the Jesus Christ King parish in Żywiec-Sporysz.

We shared our ideas we the Principals of the School, the teachers of classes I, III, IV of the Elementary School No.3 in Żywiec, the librarian on the Local Government Library - branch in Żywiec-Sporysz, educators in the day room at the church and the pre-school group teacher. All ideas related to the implementation of the tasks we submitted to the Board of the University of the Third Age in Żywiec and its students.

We have taken photos of the meetings to document their conduct, which were displayed in the gallery of UTA in Żywiec, in the library documentation and school annals. We have also tackled the topic of biodiversity at the meetings of nature and horticultural section under the guidance of landscape architect and educators from the teaching and nature centres.


Those activities included:

  • Integration trips to the teaching and nature Centre in Nickulin (a beautiful nature reserve).
  • to Ślemień near Żywiec
  • to Pisarzowice, Goczałkowice - beautiful fauna and flora
  • to the Botanical Garden in Mikołów
  • we participated in the month of August in DENDRONALIA - that is, in Żywiecki Plant Festival in the courtyard of the Old Castle of the Habsburgs
  • lectures given by the landscape architect


For the students of UTA in Żywiec:

The interesting lectures included, among other:

"The life of bees and apitherapy or how the bees cure us" - prof. dr Artur Stojko

"Can herbs prolong life" – Dr Krzysztof Blech

"Mushrooms known and less known" – Dr Jacek Piszczek

"Sustainable development and environmental protection" – Dr Eng. Wacław Zyzak, ATH B-B

"How the life of the river flows" – Dr Anthony Amirowicz, Cracow

"Is it worth segregating  waste" – mgr Jerzy Starypan

"Electrical and electronic waste – the threats and what to do with it" – mgr Wiesław Augustynowicz, UTA in Żywiec

"Energy technologies - renewable energy" - prof. dr hab. Włodzimierz Wróblewski

"Biodiversity is also us. Where did biodiversity hide?" mgr Emilia Ślipko, Cracow


For children:

Regular meetings in the school classes of Primary School No.3. The meeting with the pupils of classes IIIa and IVc of the Primary School No.3, with senior groups in the Kindergarten No.8 in Żywiec and meetings with children from classes No. I-IV from the dayroom at the church in Żywiec-Sporysz.

The meetings were held from 18.11.2014 to 12.06.2015.


During the meetings mini-lectures were held about nature in different seasons of the year, competitions on natural science, tournaments, thematic games, the mini – gardens were created, healthy sandwiches with watercress were made, the competitions for the best poster were organised, the bird feeders were built.

During the meetings, the children were read rhymes, mini stories about nature, interesting facts from the life of animals as well as physical activities were organized.

The gadgets were given out: pens, pencils, pick-up sticks, bookmark "sparrows ..."; "bees ...," a book to read for parents and grandparents on the theme: "Biodiversity is also us", folders for the nature related documents.

The last meeting held on 12.06.2015 at 13:00 with the pupils of Ia class of the Primary School No.3 in Żywiec was the meeting closing the "Biodiversity" topic in the year 2014/2015. There will be a ceremony of granting the title of the nature lover.

In addition, we planned after the end of the school year the tour along the educational paths in the park of the Habsburgs in Żywiec for children from the day room at the church.

The educators during the meetings with the children were:

Boguslawa Dziergas -  the head of the cultural section of UTA in Żywiec, a guide in the Beskids

Kazimiera Gnylewicz - ecoanimator in UTA in Żywiec

Maria Ponikwia – a librarian of the Local Government Library in Żywiec

Irena Wydra - Vice President of UTA in Żywiec, ecoanimator

Many thanks to the ecoanimator, Ms Irena Wydra - Vice President of UTA in Żywiec for her report.



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