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We invite you to the new interesting websites about biodiversity

The database of links has been enriched by new websites – feel invited to have a look!









In the particular tabs there is a lot of interesting information about various species of animals included in the Programme of Protecting the Genetic Resources of Farm Animals. The website makes available also the provisions of the law, the documents regarding the realization of the programme and the forms to download.


“In our blog you can find inspirations which enchanted us, the echoes of our conversations with inspiring people and a handful of solid knowledge, which we filter through our own sensitivity. We try to write about the landscape architecture and about everything that, even fleetingly, is linked to that theme. And, given the fact the gardens here are not mere “gardens”, a lot may happen...”.

We especially recommend to you the article about hotels for insects:


“The Bare Foot Academy is an alternative educational unit focused on the practical knowledge and skills which are useful in shaping individual and local self-sufficiency.

Together we create a natural, healthy and kind world – here and now – the world of gentleness, wisdom, harmony, full of deep respect for the surrounding nature. We act in favour of our planet, people and all the other creatures.”


The programme of biodiversity in Poland is focused on maintaining one of the richest ecosystems in Europe.



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