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Conference for Eco-Animators has just ended. Photos!


In the second half of September (18-19 September) the representatives of 30 Universities of the Third Age from all over Poland and the guests took part in the two-day Conference for Eco-Animators dedicated to the protection of biodiversity, organized as part of the project „Biodiversity is also US”.





For two sunny days in the town of Grębiszewo near Warsaw the third age students participated in the inspiring classes conducted by the experts from the Centre for Environmental and Sustainable Development Studies of the University of Warsaw. They listened to speeches and lectures about the necessity for protecting the biological diversity in order to maintain the welfare of the humanity. During workshops they created their own works demonstrating the value of eco-system services and during outdoor classes they examined the richness of the lives of trees. A highlight of the programme was a visit to the Centre of Forest Education in Celestynów, where educators from the Forestry Management in Celestynów guided the senior students through various exhibitions and education pathways.




A speech about biodiversity was also delivered, among others, by Ms. Anna Kalinowska PhD, the Director of the Centre: “Biodiversity comprises the ENTIRETY of life and the richness of its processes. As a result of destroying and taking over various environments by the cities, roads and industry, the habitats of different species disappear, the living space for nature become smaller and smaller. The greediness of the humans leads to deforestation and destruction of hundreds of species of fish, birds and mammals.”


The conference marks the beginning of the realization of the project “Biodiversity is also US”, as part of which project, throughout the entire year 2015, lectures and educational campaigns for students and for children will take place at the Universities participating in the project. The remaining Universities will be able to benefit from the experiences and materials of the project, which will be made available on the portal

The project dedicated to the biological diversity is one of many projects of the programme of ecological education for senior citizens, realized by the Foundation “Ziemia i Ludzie” (“The Earth and People”) under the name “Zielona Wiedza dla UTW” (“Green Knowledge for the Universities of the Third Age”).

“The adults also need ecological education and senior citizens additionally may share their newly acquired knowledge, as well as their unique life’s experience, with their grandchildren. The Eco-Animators at the Universities of the Third Age will help us to implement our programme, to increase the sensitivity of the elderly persons to the issue of the environmental protection and they will raise the awareness of the students about the necessity for living a sustainable lifestyle.” – says Ewelina Skoczeń, Vice President of the Foundation.

The all-Poland educational programme and the promotional campaign addressed to the elderly persons called “Green Knowledge for the Universities of the Third Age. Biodiversity is also US – senior citizens” benefits from the subsidies in the amount of 534011 PLN coming from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, as part of the EOG funds.

We thank the representatives from the Universities of the Third Age for the participation in the Conference. Welcome to watch the photos in our Gallery.
In the materials Eco-Animators will find the presentation shown at the Conference.
















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