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As part of the programme “Green Knowledge for the Universities of the Third Age” (“Zielona Wiedza dla Uniwersytetów Trzeciego Wieku”) we have created a special project for the Students entitled: “Biodiversity is also US” (“Bioróżnorodność to także MY”).

The biological diversity, like few other themes regarding the surrounding world, may be very interesting and important for the age group represented by the students of the Universities of the Third Age.

And not only as a fascinating possibility of learning about the secrets of nature, but also as a very practical subject, a compendium of information and instructions regarding the taking care of one's health and the health of all the family members, a possibility of spending free time in an attractive manner and supplementing the family budget with the gifts of nature. It is also a possibility of developing one’s passions for research, because the “nature’s laboratory” reveals its secrets most willingly to the persons who have more time and patience for observing nature than other adults. On the other hand, such observations of nature are a chance to stay outdoors and to have some healthy, purposeful body movement, as well as intellectual stimuli. It is also worth noting that elderly persons may constitute a valuable group supporting the nature protection services. Their contribution may consist in joining the search for information about nature and monitoring the distribution and abundance of species. 

Another important aspect of the commitment of the students of the University of the Third Age in the issues regarding the biological diversity is the strengthening of bonds between generations. The observations of nature are a perfect opportunity to spend time with the grandchildren, to have fun together and to learn together, which contributes to developing the fascination with nature and shapes lifelong habits. It is also a possibility of transferring the local traditions and customs connected with the approach to nature and to drawing from its gifts.

As part of the project a multi-media publication will be prepared, especially for the students of the University of the Third Age, which will discuss the most important issues connected with the biological diversity and which will be addressed both to grandparents and grandchildren. The publication will be distributed free of charge at the Universities of the Third Age in Poland.

Moreover, in the framework of the second phase of the project we will organize a number of training courses, workshops and lectures on 50 UTA from all over Polish.

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The programme is carried out under the auspices of the Foundation “All-Poland Alliance of the Universities of the Third Age” and by the President of the “University of the Third Age of the Warsaw School of Economics (Polish: Szkoła Główna Handlowa – SGH)”.

As regards scientific matters the project is conducted under the auspices of the Centre for Environmental Studies of the University of Warsaw, whose researchers have prepared the substantial scope of the programme and are the authors of the publication realized as part of this project.

The media sponsorship of the project of the publication about biodiversity for the third age students has been provided by the periodical “Żyjmy Dłużej” – a magazine promoting active and conscious lifestyle among elderly persons. It is one of the publications which are best suited to the target age group. Thanks to the cooperation with the publisher of “Żyjmy Dłużej”, the educational content of the project will be presented to a wide range of readers of the magazine.

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