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Note: We give the date of the Conference for the participants of the second stage of the project.

The conference will be held on 17-18 September (Thursday - Friday), at Ekwos Hotel in Grębiszew.

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Inspiration: magic of garden herbs and the students of UTA in Kazimierz

On 26 June the students of ecology and health section of University of the Third Age in Kazimierz held a meeting in Leroy Merlin on the herbs and their importance in human life.

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Inspiration: UTA in Jasło cooperates with the Special Teaching and Educational Centre

University of the Third Age in Jasło in 2015 participated in two projects of the Earth and People Foundation: "The year for climate for the seniors" and "Biodiversity is also US".

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Inspiration: Semester full of biodiversity conducted in Żywiec

The report on regular meetings with the pupils of the Primary School No.3 in Żywiec, with the pre-school group from Kindergarten No.8 in Żywiec and with children from classes I-VI from the day room at the Jesus Christ King parish in Żywiec-Sporysz.

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Inspiration: Orchid seminar in Lańcut

On Friday, the 29th May the seminar was held at the University of the Third Age in Łańcut dedicated to the tradition of growing orchids in Łańcut.

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Lecture at UTA in Opatów

On 20 April 20 the lecture was given at the University of the Third Age in Opatów. The children under the age of 12 attended the lecture.

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Lecture in ŁAŃCUT

On 23 April 2015 in the City House of Culture in Lańcut the lecture was held on "What we would leave to our grandchildren? To the rescue of biodiversity" for the students of the University of the Third Age.

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22 May: International Day of Biological Diversity

This year's slogan "Biodiversity for Sustainable Development" emphasizes the importance of protecting the richness of biodiversity in the world to achieve the objectives of the development agenda after 2015, on which the sustainable development objectives occupy a priority place.

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Note – the new recruitment! We invite other UTAs to take part in the second stage of the project "Biodiversity is also US"

We are pleased to inform you that we have the possibility of extending the project "Biodiversity is also US" by inviting other Universities of the Third Age. They will join 30 UTAs, which have already benefited from the activities organised under the auspices of the project and from the active promotion among the students, their families as well as among children and young people of the idea of conservation of biological diversity through science and fun.

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Lecture in Biała Podlaska

On 30 March the lecture was given in Biała Podlaska entitled "Biodiversity as the biological diversity of the world around us."

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Lectures in Leszno, Zawiercie and Warsaw

In the second half of March the next lectures on biological diversity were given at UTA on 16.03 in Leszno, on 23.03 in the Praga District Branch of Warsaw UTA and on 24.03 at UTA in Zawiercie.

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Lecture "for the brave" in Legnica

Dr Szymon Konwerski from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań gave a lecture on 10 March 2015 at UTA in Legnica on the unique creatures, entitled "What lives in the house" within the project "Biodiversity is also us."

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Lectures in March at UTA in Puławy

On 5 March in Pulawy the lecture was given by Ms Joanna Sołodzińska "Biodiversity as the biological diversity of the world around us."

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The next lectures at Kujawsko-Dobrzynskie Branch of UTA

Another two branches of Kujawsko-Dobrzyński UTA hosted our ecoAnimators - Włocławek and Radziejów Kujawski.

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Lecture at UTA in Chodzież on 2 March this year

In early March at UTA in Chodzież the lecture on biodiversity "Biodiversity ... What the eye does not see, does not hurt the heart?" was given by Ms Ewelina Kurach.

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We recommend the action of Gaja Club: COLLECT WASTE PAPER, SAVE HORSES

Gaja Club would like to cordially invite schools, companies, organizations, institutions and individuals to participate in the action "Collect waste paper, save horses" under the program of environmental education  - Tree Day.

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The first lecture at UTA on the richness of biodiversity is behind us! (2)

Lectures in January took place at UTA in Rewal and Iława. In February, Wielgie hosted us (Kujawsko-Dobrzyński Branch of UTA) and Bytom Branch of UTA as well as the Academy of the Third Age at City Centre of Culture in Olsztyn.

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We recommend: "The Forest Story" - the story of Polish forests

"The Forest story” is an unusual film project of the State Forests, which we recommend to UTA students.

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Inspiration: Group of Ecology and environmental protection from UTA in Piła meets invasive species

The meeting was held on 22 January 2015. As usual, the students did not disappoint, 58 people came (the room "was bursting at the seams"). Even before entering, each of the comers received as a gift the publication entitled "Biodiversity is also US" and the game - pick-up sticks (of course to play with their  grandchildren).

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Inspiration: UTA students in Piła in Kuźnik Nature Reserve.

October the 28th, 2014, the morning was cold, but likely to turn into a sunny day.

38 members of the expedition to the Nature Reserve came to the meeting place to visit the Nature Reserve which is "pride and joy" of our guide, Dr Paweł Owsianny (he calls this place a "pearl of nature"). We were also accompanied by the graduate of Adam Mickiewicz University in Pila, with a real drone, who circling around was filming the course of the tour.

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Inspiration: the trips and activities of University of the Third Age in Puławy

Branch in Puławy of Lublin University of the Third Age shared with us information about current and planned activities for students - sounds very interesting!

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Time for lectures


We have completed the recruitment and training of environmental educators - future teachers in the project of "Year for the climate". We invite the University of the Third Age to contact Foundation and determine possible dates for conducting a lecture on climate in 2015.

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News in the "Materials for Eco-Animators and action participants!"

There's a new article on the sources of knowledge on biodiversity and the inspiration for the " Social Nature Observer " action proposed by our educators. We invite Eco-Animators to bookmark of materials dedicated to them!

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Training for Environmental Educators

On 13 November took place a workshop for environmental educators dedicated to the theme of biodiversity and its education at the University of the Third Age.

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Material of Kujawsko-Dobrzyński UTA for the Conference - photos!

We invite you to get acquainted with the material of Kujawsko-Dobrzyński UTA for the Conference "Biodiversity is also US".

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Conference for Eco-Animators has just ended. Photos!


In the second half of September (18-19 September) the representatives of 30 Universities of the Third Age from all over Poland and the guests took part in the two-day Conference for Eco-Animators dedicated to the protection of biodiversity, organized as part of the project „Biodiversity is also US”.

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Please note - the details of the Conference are in the materials...

We invite the candidates for Eco-Animators to the Conference from 18 to19 September. The programme of the Conference and the details of how to arrive there may be found in the materials for Eco-Animators.

We have closed the recruitment to the project. The list of the persons accepted to the University of the Third Age We thank all the Universities of the

We thank all the Universities of the Third Age very much for the applications. We are sorry that we are unable to accept all the persons willing to join the project. The Universities of the Third Age which will take part in the Project are the following:

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30 Universities of the Third Age may take part in the new stage of the project! Welcome!

We are pleased to inform you that thanks to obtaining subsidies from the Mechanism of Financing of the European Economic Area (EOA) we are able to invite the Universities of the Third Age to the next stage of the project „Biodiversity is also US”.

As part of the new stage we will accomplish the following

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Article in the magazine „Żyjmy Dłużej” and a competition for readers!

In the latest edition of “Żyjmy Dłużej” there appeared an article about biodiversity inspired by our project.

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About the biodiversity and the project in the Panorama of UTW SGH

In the latest Panorama of the University of the Third Age of the Warsaw School of Economics (UTW SGH) there appeared an extensive article about the biodiversity and about our project.

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We invite you to the new interesting websites about biodiversity

The database of links has been enriched by new websites – feel invited to have a look!

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Over 110 Universities will receive our Publication!

We have received over 110 applications from the Universities which would like to obtain the Publication “Biodiversity is also US”. Thank you for such great interest!

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The book in the electronic form is already available!

We welcome everyone to become familiar with our book about Biodiversity in the electronic version.

We invite you to read it on the screen of your computers and on e-book readers. The book is available in the EPUB and MOBI formats.

Welcome >>>

Apply for the free Publication for your University of the Third Age

As of today the universities may apply for our Publication. We distribute it free of charge and we also cover the shipping costs! It is enough to send an application to our Foundation to the address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., to indicate a number of books with a DVD which the University would like to distribute to its students (a multiple of the figure 50) and the address for the delivery.

Please note: the minimum number of books to be ordered – 50 items (dimension of the parcel). We encourage you to a prompt contact – the order of the applications is decisive.

We start a project!

Welcome to the new website of the project of the Foundation “The Earth and People” entitled “Biodiversity is also US”.

We invite all the Universities of the Third Age from the entire country to participate in the project!



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