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Inspiration: magic of garden herbs and the students of UTA in Kazimierz

On 26 June the students of ecology and health section of University of the Third Age in Kazimierz held a meeting in Leroy Merlin on the herbs and their importance in human life.

"The Magic of Garden Herbs, meaning when to use, how to apply and their magical properties ..." was the title of the presentation given to the seniors by Karolina Martin. In her speech, she discussed the importance of herbs, such as, lovage, basil, mint, lemon balm, coriander, oregano, and thyme. The students of UTA in Kazimierz listened to the lecture, dressed in promotional Leroy Merlin T-shirts, which at the beginning of the meeting they received from Sylwia Rząp.





After the theoretical part all participants got down to transplanting herbs to ornamental pots. Each of them chose such herbs that they liked.

- I, Miecia Knitter, chose for myself basil and oregano. I add basil to salads and oregano I use for sauces, meats and soups.

- I was replanting basil for myself. I like its smell. I will take thyme to my garden to add some more taste to the meals I prepare  - said Lilka Kazubowska.

- I am very glad that we have this meeting, which for me was very informative and educational. I did not know that lemon balm helps in the treatment of hyperthyroidism - said Ania Kaźmierczak in surprise.

- Director in Leroy Merlin, Wiesław Nadolny, prepared for us some sweet treat. I loved the tasty donuts with delicious coffee – recalls Elka Kałamaja in delight.

At the end of the meeting we received a diploma as a thank-you gesture for participating in the program "Herbal Seniors".

Armed with pots of herbs we went to see the garden next to the huge store. We paid special attention to the hive for a variety of insects - says Mariolka Tworek.

Many thanks to the EcoAnimator, Ms Bożena Sałacińska for the information

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