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Time for lectures


We have completed the recruitment and training of environmental educators - future teachers in the project of "Year for the climate". We invite the University of the Third Age to contact Foundation and determine possible dates for conducting a lecture on climate in 2015.



Our lecturers are experienced environmental educators invited to participate in the project from different parts of Poland so that we can propose to all Universities participating in the project the conducting of auditorium lecture for students.



If you have already been working on the schedule for the summer semester - book one or more possible dates by e-mail sent to the address of the Foundation

Warning! The more potential dates you specify to us, the easier it will be for us to assign a teacher to give a lecture!

If you are planning to schedule a lecture in future - inform us about it by phone or email to the address of the Foundation so that we could contact you in due time.

There is also a possibility of direct contact with the lecturer and of arranging a lecture at the time convenient for the lecturer of the University of the Third Age.



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