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Inspiration: the trips and activities of University of the Third Age in Puławy

Branch in Puławy of Lublin University of the Third Age shared with us information about current and planned activities for students - sounds very interesting!


At the end of September there was a trip to Pszczela Wola, where the University of the Third Age visited the beekeeping museum and bee gardens. They saw various brands of honey.

In October, a group of University students visited a private oil mill "Treasures of Nature" in Zabłocie near Markuszowa (Puławy Province). Oilseeds, cereals and legumes are grown on the farm in environmentally friendly manner. One of the interesting plants which are offered is chickling vetch. The oilseeds, such as gold flax as well as brown and seed flax, rapeseeds and camelina (called locally “rydz”) are grown mainly for their processing to obtain cold pressing oil.

 In November, a gardener’s club was called into being by the students of the University of the Third Age and by the Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation in Puławy operating under the direction of Dr Joanna Nowacka-Zaborska. In addition to educational activities the students were doing gardening work in the garden of Czartoryski Palace.

 On 15 January Ms Józefa Janczura gave short presentation on "Biodiversity" and gave out publication received from the Foundation.

 On 22 January the lecture was held on "British gardens - landscape style icons - being the inspiration for the romantic gardens of Princess Isabell" given by Dr Joanna Nowacka-Zaborska.

 On 5 March the lecture by Ms Joanna Sołodzińska was scheduled – ecological educator of the project "Biodiversity is also US". The classes with children are scheduled for April and May. At the end of the project the presentation with descriptions and photos will be prepared.

 Many thanks to Ms Józefa Janczura for information.



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