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Inspiration: UTA students in Piła in Kuźnik Nature Reserve.

October the 28th, 2014, the morning was cold, but likely to turn into a sunny day.

38 members of the expedition to the Nature Reserve came to the meeting place to visit the Nature Reserve which is "pride and joy" of our guide, Dr Paweł Owsianny (he calls this place a "pearl of nature"). We were also accompanied by the graduate of Adam Mickiewicz University in Pila, with a real drone, who circling around was filming the course of the tour.


The Reserve is located within the area of ​​"Natura 2000 Ostoja Pilska." It covers the area of ​​90 hectares and stretches in front of the Koszycki Lagoon. Unhurriedly (some of us with sticks) we go along the route chosen by the guide and admire the beauty of nature in autumn season: the red oaks and gold beeches. We pass the Gypsy Mountain (the Gypsy camps used to stop there), admire Rudnickie lake, luminous oak wood. We come to a small lake called Kuźniczek. There live many rare species of both plants and animals. You can find cranberries and round-leaved sundew (carnivorous plant). The lake is an extremely valuable object of research for Polish and foreign scientists. One of the Czech collaborators of Dr Owsianny described it this way, quote: "Pawelek Kuźniczek it is almost a paradise". That description made us laugh but also we realized what treasures we have in our "little homeland" Often we just do not know about them or do not appreciate them.

The doctor also raised the issue of the European beaver who also lives in the Nature Reserve. Once threatened with extinction, it was taken under protection. Today, however, in Poland it multiplied beyond measure. Cutting down trees, building its houses (called the beaver’s lodges) causes the disruption of water conditions and changes in the species composition of the plants. Hence, it became a nuisance for farmers and foresters.

The doctor also revealed to us that there will be a route in Kuźnik which is now being planned, adapted to the needs if the disabled. Its construction depends of course on financing. The efforts were undertaken to obtain funds and the financing seems quite feasible.

Leaving the Reserve we stop at the ruins of a former brewery, which proved to be an important wintering place for many species of bats. In the same time, we learned that in our City Park there will be soon the so-called “dendro” fairy tales (fairy tales about trees). They were mainly written by students of AMU in Piła, but also Dr Owsianny and his children are their authors.

Our tour lasted over three hours, there was time to contemplate the nature bathed in sunlight, to have a conversation or a meal. Everyone coped well with the difficulties along the route.

At the end, the group manager, Grażyna Nowak thanked on behalf of the participants to Dr Owsianny for sparing his valuable time and telling us so many interesting things.

And now we look forward to the movie !!!

 Many thanks to the EcoAnimator, Ms Joanna Grabowska for the information.

 Photo report on the website at the address:;ekologia-i-ochrona-srodowiska-po-spotkaniu-organizacyjnym/







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